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Whilst in Bratislava we took a day trip by train to nearby Trencin, famous as the location of Trencin Castle.

Trencin Castle is very old, dating back to the days of the Roman Empire.  Unfortunately, like most historic buildings and castles we have visited, the appeal of old buildings is a little tarnished by the fact that most of the structures have been demolished and rebuilt several times during their history.

Whilst no one expects a building to last 2000 years without some sort of upkeep, seeing obviously new concrete, plaster and bricks on ancient buildings still takes something away from the experience.

Trencin Castle, perched high above the town.

And some of the older castle ruins from the castle gates.

One of the oldest parts of the castle is the large central tower.

And up we go... the top.

And back down again.

Castle seen, we headed back to Bratislava and walking back to the hotel cam across this mushroom-cloud like monument in a park.

The next day we caught a boat up the Danube to Vienna.  As luck would have it, it had stopped raining by the time we left so we decided to sit on the upper deck.

That sucker was fast.

A slightly better view of the UFO Bridge from a river vantage point.

These castle ruins mark the border of Slovakia and Austria.