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Dazed and confused

After spending more than a day in transit between various international airport lounges and seemingly eating countless airline meals interspersed with sleep and in-flight movies we arrived at Charles De Gaul in France where after some confusion we found that my baggage had been misplaced and was due in later this evening.  Fantastic news for someone who has been wearing the same clothes for a day and a half.

So we spent today seeing how much worse smelling we could make my clothes by taking a longer than expected walk to Cimitere du pere Lachaise.

Unfortunately, my dream of drinking a beer on Jim's grave was not realised due to the barricades and large crowds in place.

RIP Lizard King

RIP Lizard King

Bonus stoner poetry on a nearby tree.

I also found what would appear to be a family vault of the French branch of the family tree.

And to cap the day off, we people-watched at a nearby cafe and learnt that 50cl is francophone for 0.5 litres - what a crazy world!