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It's hard to pick a city that has more of a intoned mental image in the collective consciousness by name alone than Prague.  And that image was always going to be a hard one to live up to.

Traveling by bus from Vienna to Prague, my first impressions of the city were mixed; we entered through the industrial and commercial districts of Prague where large glass and steel skyscrapers give way to skylines littered with domes and spires.  The streets are busy with traffic, hectic, noisy and the buildings gray with pollution.  Our bus made it's way to the UAN Florenc station through some shabby back streets and once there, Prague begins to seem less like Budapest and more like Bucharest.

For what must be one of the bigger "must-see" cities on any travelers itinerary, Prague seems a little rougher around the edges than would be expected.  It's not the same level of urban decay and chaos that we have seen in Romania, but it's not the polished gem that one would expect for a popular destination.

We check in (to a different hotel as ours has no hot water - long story) and head out.  It's unclear if the crowds on the main street are tourists or locals out shopping.  We see cameras and hear American accents, but we see a lot of what looks like people on their way home from work.

We eat a a small pub out of the way of the tourist routes and retire before heading out sightseeing the next day.  I'm not going to embarrass myself by attempting to name the buildings in these photos, so just enjoy the image dump.

Prague National Museum.

The Jubilee Synagog.

After spending the day seeing the sights, we headed out to see a blacklight theater show.  Blacklight theater is pretty much what the name suggests; a live theater performance in which blacklight is used to create some unique special effects with props and puppetry.

At a special "student" price (I think the cashier made a judgment based on our clothes), we saw Faust.  The performance was quite good and well worth it, if a little heavy on some elements of the story.