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Belated Mega Update

Apologies for the lengthy period between updates and to make amends, this is a fairly lengthy, 56k-unfriendly post.

From Paris we flew out of Orly Airport to Nice were we met with Tony, Cristelle, Zio Giovanni and Zia Maria in beautiful Menton.  From Menton we traveled with Tony and Cristelle as our guides to Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo as well as the surrounding districts of Menton.

View from the Monte Carlo palace over Monaco.

And a vista of Monaco from a mountain top vantage point on the other side of the bay.

Medieval Roman commemorative monument.

From Menton we caught the train to Montacatini to meet with Zia Franca, Zio Angelo, Rosanna and Martia.  From Pistoia we traveled to Vinci to see Leonardo's former residence and workshop.

Pisa.  From left to right; the dome, the cathedral and the tower.

5 hours in photoshop - I also do Frontpage website designs, check my portfolio on Geocities.

Duomo in Florence.

Detail of the dome inside.

Cityscape of Florence looking over Ponte Vecchio.

The city gates of San Gimignano showing the famous mediaeval towers.

Tuscany at it's finest.

The spectacular gothic Duomo in Sienna.

And it's famed opulent interior.

We'd like to thank all of our wonderful hosts for their wonderful hospitality, abundance of delicious food and  receiving us with open arms and hearts.  Grazie.

We're now off to Venice for a night before flying out the following afternoon to Bucharest.  Stay tuned for what I promise will be more regular updates.