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It's increasingly harder to come up with a semi-original, mostly unplagiarized, kind-of captivating and half-witted opening sentence to these blog posts. So with apologies to the late Hunter S. Thompson; "Berlin; Buy the ticket, take the ride".

Coming to Berlin I'm not sure what we both expected. Traveling further westerly the border and cultural boundaries seem to become less distinct. People, flavors, styles and experiences seem less bold, less different and more of a dialectical approach to a common theme than something radically different and unique.

Arriving in Berlin we are greeted by the extremely well-designed, clean and functional Berlin Haustbahnhoff - the central railway station for Berlin and hub of what we would later find is an extremely efficient metro system.

After passing the sights of both old and new, east and west Berlin on our way from Haustbahnoff to the station nearest our hotel we disembark, and the change in culture and climate is dramatic. On traveling to our destination, we find that crowd has changed from one of homogeneous metronites to a seedy mix of punk culture in a little over half a dozen stops.

We arrive at our hotel - situated opposite the famous East-Side Gallery, a stretch of the surviving inner Berlin Wall now serving as an outdoor gallery for artists - and check in. Heading out for a meal it quickly becomes apparent that we are in a very heavily student populated district. The punk ethos is palpable.

What seems like a million small-town university's worth of extremely serious and very angsty, first-year arts students who took the whole thing a little too seriously roam the streets. It's only Thursday but every second person is carrying a beer (even those on bicycles, of which there are a lot). Second hand clothes and DIY (esp. haircuts) seem the order of the day.

We head in to Berlin. Hordes of tourists replace the hordes of students although they still remain in smaller numbers. We push our way through the crowds at every spot on the map and take some photos. I'm not going to embarrass myself by attempting to name them so they have vaguely humorous commentary were I could be bothered.

We head out back to our hotel at the end of the day - the beer-drinking situation has escalated. As we walk to a restaurant, Berlin seems to have gotten a little bit wilder as the evening sets in. We eat and watch and are still not sure what to make of it all.

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  1. Hi Daniella&Luke,
    Hope you’re both well, we are well. looks like you’ve having a wonderful time.
    Lots of amazing places you’re visiting.
    love&kisses mum&dad

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