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Vienna - kind of like a German Paris.

Each street seems lined with exceedingly beautiful buildings, statues and monuments are dotted throughout the city, people are exceedingly fashionable and well-dressed, the historic center of town has more museums, churches, opera houses and attractions than seems plausible.

Vienna is also big.  Very big.  And it seems to take forever to walk anywhere.  We learned this as we walked from the dock to our hotel wearing our backpacks.

Having some time to kill until check-in, we walked past the stunning gothic St. Paul's cathedral.

I can't remember exactly what this building was, but it's located near the central People's Garden.  It's impossible to capture on film or without adjusting levels and contrast in Gimp, but the red flowers on this building were stunning.

Luckily enough, we arrived in Vienna in time to capture the end of an opera/film festival.  The other side of this building held a massive, public outdoor theater screen.

There were also a number of "international cuisine" food stalls (Asian, Spanish, Australian), one of which was selling wurst.

An epic statue of a man punching out a horse.


The National Opera Theater.

Karlsplatz metro terminal - these terminals were famously designed by Otto wagner.

A shot of the open-air theater mentioned earlier at night.  This was a screening of a performance of the Barber of Seville.

And after the show they turned on the house lights.

Lunch at a harvest/food festival that was held on our second last day in Vienna.

Bellevue Manor.

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